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Re: Use it the way that it wants to be used...

david weaver
..One of the things that magazine reviews and tests don't do well is conveying the idea that a tool generally will have a way that it wants to be used or sharpened.

But not some kind of woo thing, where it's some big secret to be sharpened a certain way (geometry, that is, not an arbitrary level of polish), just that some chisels that seem subpar are all of the sudden fine with two more degrees - whether they're hard or soft. We can curse them for days on end about not being what we wanted if they don't work in preset parameters, or found out how they like to be used and then just do that.

The menu of tools left that can't be accommodated (with very little adjustment) to do anything useful and productive is very small, and limited mostly to entirely defective designs or tools with makers' defects.

The strawman beginner with a 3 pound hammer hitting as hard as they can notwithstanding.

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