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I'd be interested to hear...

david weaver
...what you come up with when you get a chance to use these. I realize it may be a little while before you have the opportunity to prep and use them.

When I got mine, I was in one of those wild hair moods where I though "when these come in, if they're decent, I'll sell most of the rest of my chisels and finally settle on something in a proportion i like" :b

That's sort of a dumb thought, though I do plan to dump a bunch of stuff.

I tried working the bevel on the first one and then paring across cherry and the edge rolled over. Not a little, but a LOT. So, I honed some off and had increased the initial quite a lot (I didn't want to file the chisel and mar it) and realized that it was unhardened.

I checked around out of curiosity today as these appear to have been made in pretty large numbers with the round bolster, and I saw several other folks who mentioned having to reharden them (rather than just coddle them a little). It's a shame as they're a nice proportion for a handle gripper.

I also had a set of three parers from the same era (they said "chrome xxxxxx" something or other on the back in print and they worked quite well). Luck of the draw, I guess.

When I buy something I don't need and it ends up in my drawers (I'll never sell anything substandard), my first reaction is "well, great, this is what I get for buying stuff I don't need. Now I can either throw them away, sell them as defective and unhardened at a great loss or faff around with them and make them reasonably hard and then still probably sell them at a loss".

At least they harden fine in soy oil.

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