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Re: Scroll saw blades for dovetail waste

I don't like sawing out with such small blades, it just bogs down. I don't use my Japanese dovetails saws much any more since the Independence ones came along.

Lee Valley had a really nice saw that didn't rotate, and that I just bent the blade on, worked fine for cutting out DTs, if one wants to do that kind of thing. I bought a KW when they came out, but returned it. It is certainly a nice saw, and I would have had one if I didn't already own 3.

I have a high end power fretsaw, no idea why I bought it, though it is useful for some things around the shop, I don't use it to cheat the dovetails though it can cut to the line on the tail, which is an actual speed up over chopping, which is not the case with the hand saws.

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