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Re: Marples chisels: trying again

David Weaver
The boxwood chisels are pretty and can be rehardened if they're not right.

I have a set of those that I mentioned several weeks ago. I also had two blue chip sets from UK manufacture, and each was decent with the exception of one soft chisel. Not the same size between the two. I ultimately sold the., but could have rehardened the soft ones.

George Wilson did all of his work with a single older set of pre chrome vanadium marples and he said they were all suitably hard, with one overhard that broke.

The older chisels that I've used, and I have a couple now, were probably more typical Sheffield hardness of 61 or so. Entirely different than the more recent ones.

Strangely enough, the recent Sheffield blue chips unused are not very good but the sets with no use or very little use bring an absurd amount.

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