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david weaver
I thought I'd edit this to make it more clear, and less argumentative, because that's not what I'm going for.

I've thought about it plenty, and don't need to "wake up". One of the local companies here basically sold their reactor design along with a few units and put themselves out of business. I'm aware of what thievery can do, agreed to or not.

But I started in my younger days buying only western made guitars. I'm "helping", right? Keep all of those people on 1/6th of an acre and don't let them have anything of ours.

To me, that isn't an ethical stance. There are plenty of individuals not caught up in any of it, and I choose to do business with those folks. Not the ones who steal things, but at the same time, i also have zero interest in telling other people what to do. It took me quite some time to get to the point where I realized that maybe my opinion about things isn't really the only one, and that the world will continue to turn, and the sun will continue to rise. I can avoid partaking in things that I see as unfit and not see everyone else as a threat or someone to battle against.

I hope that Chinese society continues its rise. So far, it's done well. Only affluence will bring them to a point where they are comfortable enough to innovate not only in technology, but in leisure and arts. The people on the ground certainly are not my enemy. I have been ripped off buying things directly from china.


One of those two was an american living in china. The other was on a guitar that was NOT supposed to be counterfeit, but the the seller delivered me a counterfeit guitar with counterfeit markings on it. when it arrived, he made all kinds of promises to make it right. I threw the guitar away, told him that I recognized that he's a liar and moved on. the american mentioned first above buried himself in lies but was smart enough to know more about ebay rules than I did and managed to escape being held accountable. I could've squashed the second guy with dhgate's rules, but chose not to. I didn't get the sense that he had a grasp on what was a big deal to me, and squashing him with the rules probably would've cost him a week's wages. It cost me fairly little.

I've been stiffed more on items from japan - by far, and by domestic suppliers. It's not a boogeyman issue, it's a people issue.

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