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david weaver
I wouldn't normally post about this, but since we talked about the aldi chisels a few weeks ago, I guess google ads feels like I want to see alibaba entries (the ones that involve getting hundreds of something, not the retail types).

This morning, they sent me a link from ningbo chisels, they're the aldi types (no guarantee that it's the same maker), $2 per set of 4 if I want to order them in blister packs with no logo. Only need to get at least 300 sets!!

What do you think these butt chisels might be?



(I've seen those before - actually, I'd say the chinese side is a little expensive and you run the risk of CITES issues, though I've gotten guitars from overseas that had madagascar rosewood in them and customs opened them for tax purposes and didn't care about the rosewood)

These aren't real narex, but they sure did their due diligence in copying the handles. I have to be honest, I like the blades on these better than the narex proportions.


Stanley 78 style plane? $7 with fixtures included.

Chisel plane? Still don't know who uses them on a regular basis:

(looks an awful lot like the one sold by woodcraft!! - low quantity requirement and relatively high price)

CBN wheels for $50? (yes, available in imperial measurements).


Two sided milled steel diamond hones? $13 if you order minimum quantity. About half if you order a lot of them. (I have two of these plates from this brand, with base, someone was selling them on ebay for $20 - the same base that sells in the US - originating from china, for $27 - except it was $20 for that and the hone...they're actually very good diamond hones).


Not too much point to this other than that the first time I ever looked on here was when woodcraft was in the process of copying the LN planes (the first efforts were copies, and were posted on quangsheng tool companies websites - since then, some design elements in the frog, etc, as i understand, have been adjusted so that they don't look like LN's).

I remember the guy who had bridge city saying that he got an email offering $7.80 per grinder for the white wheel grinders that sell at woodworking suppliers for $90-$160, depending on their pricing strategy. That was the price with wheels delivered to the united states. I think costs in china have gone up, but I always ask when someone has a new brand "where is it made?"

When "trend" started selling a diamond plate "kit" for $150, this is just my opinion, but I thought it was a swindle. It was unclear what the origin was from any of the listings, but I gather that it's chinese origin (a couple of people confirmed that), and the flatness was quoted per inch. Several folks on the razor boards bought them and had flatness issues. Others bought them, and they were fine. But what remains as a question to me is what are you getting for your $150? The whole "kit" is probably available from china privately branded for $15.

When I first started woodworking, I visited rockler often. It's 2 miles from my house. I didn't know what i was looking for, but they had a little bit of stuff (two cherries, hock blades, etc). Slowly, anything of western origin disappeared. I don't blame them.

Woodcraft's pfeil chisels have to compete along side chisels that more or less look like knock offs of some of their tools (I have the rosewood butt chisels, but I think I got them somewhere for about $25, not $63. I'm sure they're fine, but like most folks who bought true butt chisels, I have no use for them. Cutting a shallow hinge mortise with chisels at hand takes less effort than digging them out).

These days, if I find anything that's within a significant fraction of the cost of a western good, I always buy the western good. I don't know that it makes much sense for me personally (I'm still paying more), but somehow, I feel like if the retailer had to pay a lot more for something, then I'm getting a better deal overall.

Some of the copy stuff coming out of china is obviously good. Some of it isn't copies, and some of the other less typical stuff (like high speed steel blades that sort of fit stanley planes - sometimes you have to adjust the slots- those are quite good, at least as good as an A2 iron, but $10 and thin like a stock stanley blade if you want that, or not, if you want something that looks more like LN proportion).

No real point, just pondering out loud.

I'll wait for the group buyer who wants to get 5000 diamond hones at $7 each and sell them for $20 :b

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