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Re: Derek, you've mentioned the Blue Spruce saw, t

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Joe, the only mention I made of Blue Spruce was in regard to their detail/dovetail chisels. Incidentally, these is an example when, theory does not match practice. That is, we all seem to hate A2 steel, but these get really sharp, and do such a fantastic job as mini paring chisels.

Regarding their coping/fretsaw, I have no experience if it. Only what I have seen on their website. Comparisons wth the Knew Concept are inevitable, because they are the only two premium builds, but the BP is as separated from the KC on price as the KC is separated from a cheapish Olson.

On price, the Blue Spruce coping saw is $325 and then you need to add on $50 for the fretsaw adapter. In other words, $375 for a fretsaw. The Knew Concepts coping saw is $159, by comparison. The two makes are hardly in the same price range until you move to the KC 5" Titanium fretsaw, which is $225 (still $150 cheaper than the BP).

The fretsaw size I would recommend for removing dovetail waste is at the cheap end of the KC range, the 3" (MkIII) fretsaw with swivel action and quick release. This is $99.

Why the 3”. Simply because the blade swivels 45 degrees, and this permits for 99% of any dovetail waste removal that may be made. A deeper saw is not needed (ironically, all I have are 5” and 8” saws). Lee Marshall and I discussed this during the development of the design of the fretsaw for woodworkers, and he sent me this series of photos to demonstrate depth of cut of 3”/5”/8” bodies ...

If you are unfamiliar with how the Knew Concepts fretsaw came to be designed, this is the story: http://www.inthewoodshop.com/ToolReviews/KnewConceptsFretsaw.html

Regards from Perth


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