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Re: Demonstrating the Knew Concepts fretsaw

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Tom, efficiency requires context. In this case the wood is 20mm thick hard Hard Maple. The carcase has required 48 pins and 48 tails. This is not some soft Mahogany or even some medium hard wood, such as Black Walnut.

I have had the choice of sawing/paring verses chopping out waste in equally hard wood for decades now. Noise is not the only factor in chopping - generally swearing and visits to the physiotherapist are also to be factored in :)

Seriously, I cannot imagine anyone preferring to chop out waste in such hard wood. It is not only frustrating, but it will be hard on chisel steel. The chisels I used here were Koyamaichi for the chopping, Kyohisa for most paring, and Blue Spruce for finer detail work, if necessary. The Koyamaichi hold an edge very well, but even they would fair poorly if chopping 3mm thick chunks. I tend to chop in 1mm slices. This is easier on the steel.

It is obvious that the less wood to pare, the less effort/time/wear is involved. Sawing accurately therefore becomes an important strategy in the efficient removal of dovetail waste.

Regards from Perth


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