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Warren in Lancaster, PA
The iron looks to be in very good shape; I would sharpen it with slip stones and a triangular or square slips for the fillet. I was going to ask if it had a spring to it because you can see the slope on the fillet is otherwise a bit crooked.

We usually rough out the moulding a bit with a moving fillister (maybe two settings) and then flatten the place where the cove is to be with a jack plane. Also round the bead somewhat with the jack plane. Sometimes we rough out the cove a little with a firmer gouge. This roughing out makes so that not only do you have less depth to plane, but it is less tiring because you are not planing the full width until near the end. Because of the spring you are not planing much more than 1/4 inch in depth.

This would make a nice moulding for the bottom of a chair rail or top of a base board or along the side of a stairs. I don't think there would be any problem planing a whole room's worth of moulding or more on one sharpening.

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