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Wiley Horne
So right, John. Heat, time, and entropy all products of motion.

Thanks to you and Chuck for identifying Cratex, and to you for an evaluation. Folks here make even a dremel thread worthwhile—thinking about Warren’s Roubo reference on slips.

I feel like I need to apologize profusely and deliver a credible explanation of why I even own a dremel, let alone talk about it on a hand tool forum. Trouble is, the explanation is even more embarrassing than the dremel itself! So I’ll spare us. I will say that the dremel is a perfectly unsatifying tool, esp. the low-end one I bought. But it will grind away solder from leaded glass joints that sit too high. So there's that.

Now here’s a proper tool, that has been sitting in a drawer too long:


Marked ‘Hayes, Liverpool’, or maybe Mayes (first letter is dinged up). I’m calling it a cove-fillet-ovolo, and if anyone knows the right term, they can set me straight. Marked with a ‘6’. Plane is in sound shape, pretty crisp. But the cove-maker part sits too high relative to the ovolo-maker. Cannot be adjusted to cut evenly across the profile. Cove-maker needs to be ground down a 64th or maybe two 64ths, we’ll see. Haven’t scribed it yet. So I wuz thinkin maybe the dremel, plus a wheel that makes no heat. None. Well, the group advice so far is (a) no dremel, grind on a slip or file it, and (b) the cratex will heat it up by golly, if you try to grind! I guess I like filing plus polish with Dremel. So far.

But then here is another thing: How do you even use this plane? I like the profile, and have another similar that has a Jo. Fuller look but the marks are missing. But how do you orient the plane to the stick, when you go to make the profile? Can someone explain?


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