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Re: Heatless burrs for dremel?

david weaver
Yes on planes that are in shape, though it doesn't really hurt to use a conical to chase back a bevel that's gotten too steep.

I'm sure larry's preference has to do with manufacturing irons and needing to put the initial bevel on them.

My use of the conicals was related to refurbishing planes that were out of use and irons that either weren't in good shape or that may not have been for the plane they were in but were just stashed together by a dealer.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I haven't had to use a grinder on any planes since that initial work, but I wouldn't want to buy a set of auctioned planes and not use conicals or some kind of grinder. I would assume that 100 years ago, someone may have annealed the irons, filed them to the right size and rehardened them, but that's not always a great idea.

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