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Blum, euro-hinge question ()

david weaver
I see some hinges designed for what you're talking about, marketed by rockler and other places. They're exorbitantly expensive ($29 a hinge or something) and look complicated, from a brand that may be too new for me to have heard of given my antiquated experience ("Salice").

Since the inset is some fixed amount, and the doors would also have some accommodation for bumpers, I'd be inclined to rabbet an auxiliary piece of wood behind the face frame for a traditional inexpensive compact blum hinge to work with.

The idea of having an extra piece like that may offend some, but I'd trust the compact euro hinge to be around longer than expensive hinges that may or may not sell enough to stay in production.

The entire contraption on the alternative hinges that I see is pretty much the same compact euro style mount in the door, but then pure rube goldberg connecting that to the inside of the cabinet, and may require face frame to case dimensions that would require even more cobbling.

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