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david weaver
I talked to George two days ago and asked him about the bolsters. He said they had figured out how to forge them, but he didn't know much detail - so the comments he'd made about figuring out how to do them must've been a while ago.

I get the sense that while he may have liked knowing what they were doing, the blacksmiths weren't necessarily interested in telling him. It sounds like there's some silo making between the trades there to protect their work. Funny how arranged art ends up imitating life elsewhere.

That's my take from what George said, he didn't put it that clearly except that he knew they later figured out a way to forge them, or add them to chisels forge welding, whatever it is they may do.

I think there has been other contention - at one point, George wanted them (repeating something he posted publicly, not private information) to forge the bevel ends of the irons neatly so that they could be put into use, and one of the blacksmiths insisted that old irons were delivered relatively rounded over, so that's how they were delivered, and it took either a long time or never for him to get that corrected. With a bunch of fine makers, I'm sure egos get in the way sometimes.

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