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Re: Warren - what did you think of the aldi chisel

Warren in Lancaster, PA
The Aldi chisels are adequate for professional hand tool work. The are copies of the Two Cherries chisels. The steel has Chrome Vanadium printed on it, just like TC had printed maybe ten years ago. The TC chisels are heavily buffed to the point that they round over all the edges, an unfortunate situation which the Aldis have avoided. Aldis sharpen reasonably well, good edge good longevity.

Overall the chisels are about 11 inches, an ideal length. The are beech, which is one of the three common traditional handles for a chisel, and the handles are longer than LN or LV which are short. The TC handles are hornbeam and are more carefully machined and have more finish and a nice sticker.

The chisels are cheap because they are made in large quantities in large factories with good equipment. They take orders in the 1000 to 100,000 range. They don't do marketing, they don't put on exotic handles and they don't try to reinvent the chisel with goofy designs.

When you buy a LV or LN or BS chisel you are buying something for the dilettante market, but when you buy Aldis or the like (there are many brands of these Chinese chisels made in the same factory) you are buying a more serviceable chisel.

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