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Re: Thanks..

david weaver
Thanks for pointing me to the iles video. There is far more hand done there than I expected, though the videos show gouges.

Even if it's half that much done hand wise with the chisels, I'm surprised.

The quench is as I expected - heat them in a common group, dip them in a large oil bath. The result should be very consistent without the need for anything more complicated.

It's a shame that such hand work is what gets the average newbie to the hobby complaining about them looking "inaccurate". And what they charge is very little (looks like about $30 per chisel after shipping in a set of 6 unless they've closed the ability to order directly from the UK and skip the VAT).

Nobody has them in stock, either. I hope that's not a sign that the operation is intermittent or on the rocks.

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