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Warren - what did you think of the aldi chisels?

david weaver
I never bought those specific chisels, but fairly sure I had the same thing under another name. About $1.25 a chisel.

They remind me of some of the cheap guitars that I've gotten that were perfectly serviceable. I marveled at how good they were for the price, and then felt like "OK, now I'll go back to something 5 times as expensive and 25% better, because it's still 25% better".

I do like to grind little chisels like that - there's not much to lose if you need something for a purpose. If the mrs. has a use around the house that involves plaster or something abrasive, those are chisels she gets. I give them stiff treatment when she's done damaging them and they're back to usable.

But I wouldn't confuse them for the Iles chisels, or anything vintage. Not even close.

Sort of like narex. Narex chisels are good for the price. But their processes allow them to meet a price point and prevent them technically from getting one step further and being great. One with open eyes will sometimes find "great" chisels for the same price, even if they're not available every day on a "buy here - 88 in stock" link.

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