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Apologies for the Brain Dump!

david weaver
For anyone reading who just wants the Fine Woodworking "best overall", "best value" stuff, my apologies.

I'm not that guy and I can wear people out. Who else has a metallurgical microscope to check edges, and for a legitimate purpose (I was and still am selling straight razors - but not on here, so this isn't an ad, and I have none listed now - and natural japanese stones - used, so that people could get a properly graded stone for razors without paying a shyster - that's run its course, so I'm out of that).

What I do have is the experience with tools across types and eras (often multiples of each) to know what's what with all of them. I get into the weeds when it's more "what's your opinion of these". I have granular thoughts about stuff like "this chisel is super hard yet still easy to sharpen" (there's probably a compromise not being told - usually it's the hardness), and what's best in an idealistic way (japanese white steel chisels and vintage western/western european chisels). But I don't expect anyone to adopt my opinions, just stating what i've seen.

No secret that I'm more interested in tools (and guitars) than furniture.

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