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david weaver

This one is still up, but you're right about youtube. Copyright strikes on videos that generally aren't economically valuable still remove information that is otherwise valuable like this.

I'm speculating, as I've had three different sets of chisels made by buck here - they were all a little soft, almost identical. I'd guess 57/58 hardness based on what the stones say. But, they were relatively uniform.

the first set was the ash handled chisels craftsman studio sold "buck firmers". I sold them on ebay, they cost $89 from craftsman studio and the winning bid was $143 for them used :\

I refunded the guy who won the difference, and he was happy.

Quality of the steel the same as you'd find on the yellow handled ones that used to be on the wall at home depot. Different shape, seemingly same thing.

Somehow, marples managed to do worse than this. If they'd even done something like dipping 100 at a time in molten lead and then oil to quench, none would've been that bad. I guess that was too expensive of a process - or maybe a salesman sold them a dream argument of a machine that did the process and eliminated a skilled worker.

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