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Re: Mike Brady - Phil Lowe's Chisels

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Thanks for the detailed reply, David.

"Rob (can't remember his last name)" .... I think that was Rob Streeper.

A comment regarding the Koyamaichi. The 8 Iyoroi I have are mentori shaped and used as general purpose bench chisels, but the 6 Koyamaichi are shinogi and used for dovetails. The larger Koyamaichi (12mm - 19mm) are from the early 80's, while the smaller ones (3mm - 6mm) were shaped for me by Mr Koyama (Stu contacted me about a year before he began selling Koyamaichi on his site, and set this up for me). Apparently, Mr Koyama was amused that I wanted these smaller chisels to have minimal lands. For all this, I think that you are correct that Koyamaichi are not as well finished as other makes (the single Kiyohisa mentori I have is a work of art). On the other hand, they hold a great edge and hold up to hard woods. Before these I had a few Matsumura, and they chipped. I was not impressed with them.

Regards from Perth


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