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Re: The original point of reply to Mike...

david weaver
...lost from my advice as someone who has actually bought these chisels..

... if there's a desire to get chisels of that style, go older and don't buy exactly the same thing that phil has. There's a fairly high chance of being disappointed with marples chisels after the cross over from drill rod die forged chisels (probably made of something like O1 or "silver steel" drill rod that gets a nice gray patina with age).

The older chisels disappoint very rarely. The newer ones, not a majority of the time, but often enough - I'd go so far as to say with marples in general, having had about five sets of their chisels (all blue chips from sheffield or higher spec), only the three parers didn't have a chisel in the group that wasn't off. I can only guess that the hardening process is the splash type on a machine that doesn't do consistent work.

The type of hardening that I'm talking about can be seen with buck brothers on "how it's made" with chisels on youtube.

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