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Inflection Point

david weaver
At some point, marples went from chisels that we'd typically see to ...I don't know what.

By what we'd typically see, I mean like stormont, older marples with the clover, etc, I. Sorby...whatever the maker may have been.

I'm sure cost pressures and decline in purchasers from cabinetmakers to construction trades put the pressure on them to change what they were doing.

four or five of these chisels would never have done any work. I'm not sure how old they are for sure. The others in this group were no prize, either, perhaps high saw temper.

Before the inflection point, George got a set of these and I think he said something along the lines of having done all of his professional work with them. He guessed at 61 or so hardness for his - two different animals.

The parers I had were just fine, too. But fine is fine, and I could've lived with them without issue if I hadn't found nicer and older chisels for the same money.

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