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Re: Mike Brady - Phil Lowe's Chisels

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I saw that thread on SMC, and could have replied (to the question what chisels) as I had recently watched Phil Lowe in a video. My apology.

These Maples boxwood handled chisels have become very popular since Paul Sellers began using them in his videos. I do love the look of the handles, and the blades are slim, which adds to a more delicate feel. But, as David notes, the blades are likely to be variable. I have a small set, collected individually. They take a good edge, but do not hold it long. I want to use them, but quickly become frustrated as they dull.

Regards from Perth


ps. David, what is the point in resigning from SMC if you continue to read the forum? Why not post there, than do so here for there?

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