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One-hand clamps *LINK*

Wiley Horne
Hi all,

Short version: talking quick clamps

Subtext Gloat: got some new clamps

Long version: How many times does it come to pass that you need to get a quick clamp on something, to make it hold still til you can get to the other end of the board with both hands free? Sometimes, all that is needed is a quick-clamp that will later be replaced. They’re pretty cheap IIRC.

Yesterday’s mail brought a big box o’ aluminum bar/spreader clamps from Lee Valley. See link below. For glue-up situations where you need a one-hand clamp, cause you need the other hand for positioning, but you also want it to be a real clamp—you don’t want to touch that piece again once clamped.

These clamps look to be a German design, they say ‘patented in US and Germany’. They’re bigger than you think they’re going to be—they fill up your hand. But still can be manipulated with one hand, once you figure out how to get a finger on the release-trigger, which is awkwardly placed. They are parallel and they are hell for stout—you can use them where real pressure is wanted.

For something quick and temporary, I would still grab for a light duty Quik-clamp, but these really mean business. The spreader mode is useful.

What one-hand clamps do you like/use?


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