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david weaver
I'm an occupant of the "sloppy shop" I don't consciously want to be filthy, but am out of laziness and lack of focus for that kind of stuff, I guess. About once a month, I lose something under the bottom shelf on my bench and am forced to pull a push broom through it.

It always drove me nuts vacuuming under the bench or bending all the way down to get a push broom under it. The vacuum always clogged, and I have mild arthritis (which is OK with general hand tool work other than sore hands, but getting all the way up and down is painful).

I'm sure that I'm not the first person to use a leaf blower to vacuum shop shavings. Once in a while, I open the garage door and blow everything out, too, after I've vacuumed the big stuff. It's like a colon cleanse for the shop.

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