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david weaver
I'd be curious how you find it in use. Only because I already had this thing and used it by chance out of laziness. Some of them have different designs and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that one type works well and another one doesn't.

Still, for me, it's purely a matter of laziness. It will suck up thick jack shavings and crunch them to bits to make the garbage compact (which makes it much easier for me to handle and burn without anything getting away), and it will suck in the long thicker try plane shavings that a shop vac won't touch.

I was going to buy one of the smaller dust collectors that are 110 and can hang on the wall, but all of them have protection in front of their impeller to block anything large. Not sure they'd be easier to use, and I don't use power tools often enough to warrant anything more than just cleaning the dust up (rather than collecting it at the source).

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