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david weaver
I wouldn't put them at the low end, just the spec seems to be aimed toward beginners (or especially tailored to). They're really good chisels, but at the cost (to be fair, the cost has remained the same or close for probably more than a decade), they're just no better than something like ashley iles O1 chisels (I'd rather use the latter, and those are half the price or less).

As far as socketed chisels, I'm not sure when things sort of moved around in terms of preferences, but all of the old cabinet chisels are tang type. Modern chisels that are tang/socket combination (like the AI chisels) are nice to use since the socket usually isn't large and they feel about the same in use as an older chisel.

Not sure how much of that was due to the manufacturing methods. With a CNC lathe, no problem on a socket and no handle fitting required. I'm sure 200 years ago, it was easier to manufacture a chisel with a tang, but I've never heard of anyone recreating the bolster that's on the older chisels. George mentioned that the blacksmiths at CW puzzled over doing that neatly. It would be easy with a modern press to die forge a chisels and then file the bolster to make it look like it was hand done (also pointless - just mentioning regarding the bolster as I have no idea what makers would've done before die forging was common).

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