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The best hand tool dust collection

David Weaver
Making doors for cabinets today with the associated filth that comes off the jack plane and other planes, and in the last couple of weeks, I've rediscovered the absolute best dust collection for hand toolers....

...one that won't pass muster with the dust collection nazis because it does suspend a little dust (but not as much as sanding something in front of your face)...

...The plug in large nozzle leaf vacuum with a nylon impeller. I used to pick up shavings, try to smash them down and then vacuum the dust, but this thing is far better. It grinds up the shavings like leaves and I can pretty much do a full day's work and get them in the firepit (vs. several trips before with several bags full) and light them up.

$50 for the one that I've got (a black and decker leaf hog).

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