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I wonder how many...

david weaver
...of the fans in the audience (if that wasn't just a paid staged audience, or filmed at the beginning of a concert, etc) noticed that there were no speakers in the marshall cabinet.

The thing these days (and maybe for decades now) is to mic one amp or none at all and set up all of the cabinets because it looks good. I drooled over those marshall stacks as a kid because they can cover everything from stevie ray vaughn to ac/dc depending on how you dial them in, but they were beyond my budget and spending all I earned playing out on a couple of pieces of equipment....well, I had a cheap bone back then and wasn't going to do it.

Kind of a let down to know that now and probably for the last 30 years, most of those cabinets are empty, and even if they're not, they're not on.

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