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Cold weather and instruments

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
"...you should try playing guitar with stiff fingers in cold weather!!"

Pretty well any instrument in cold weather, I suspect. I played trombone in high school, and we in the brass section had a heck of a time, between needing to warm up the mouthpiece and having the horn change tune as it got cold or as our breath warmed it up. At least we paper-clip-shaped-horn players could compensate by moving the slide a little. The trumpets and French horns were fussing with their tuning constantly.

I am grateful to have grown up/played horn in an area where "cold" is 40 degrees. The idea of playing a brass instrument in real cold, as in northern Minnesota, doesn't bear thinking about...I'm imagining the horn sticking to the lips, like kissing a metal pole.

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