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Re: One for David - definitely OT :)

david weaver
The comments are funny! I saw this on a guitar forum a couple of weeks ago, and many were the same "when he was working with them, why didn't he have them make a strat? He doesn't play les pauls!"

Fender endorses him, so I'm sure he doesn't worry about breaking guitars, but the guitar forum couldn't handle the idea that sandvik approached him with an endorsement opportunity and that he might not have had that much input in the guitar other than cursory items because the engineered metals division is the point of the commercial, not a legitimate Yngwie need.

When he threw it, though, I wondered what keeps the tuners and bridge from breaking. Most of those parts are cast (including some pickup switches on LP style guitars) - and they don't handle abuse - sometimes not even surviving UPS in a case.... but it does the job for getting people to see the sandvik logo.

If you think cold hand tool handles are bad, though, you should try playing guitar with stiff fingers in cold weather!! What makes a good guitar neck is really similar to what makes a good tool handle (not sticky, not cold, the right shape, etc).

Thanks for posting this. At least on this board, the number of people complaining about single coil pickups in a les paul style guitar should be limited!

Hologram Jimi Hendrix version is probably next, but here in the states, it'll probably be a wal-mart tie-in instead, or maybe a plastic guitar from exxon mobil.

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