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Re: Manufacturing concerns over specs

david weaver
The finish level on LN tools is really great. It's obviously the main focus, and it's what (in my opinion) pleases the buyers of them the most - being able to get a tool out of a pack and do little to it and start working.

There's some merit to that.

But there is a lot of art missing in them once you get a hold of an old ward chisel. Not just the fact that it looks old and with some life to it (it does), but they way they sharpen and work, and the way their proportions are more suited to grabbing the handle of a tool and just working with it. Turning it over and removing waste in a corner, etc. It's just proportionally and metallurgically superior for the task.

There are a lot of later similarly-shaped sheffield made chisels that are crap, though. Earlier marples chisels were wonderful. I bought an unused probably late 60s set off of ebay last year and some of them are unhardened, yet others (a set of three parers that said "chrome vanadium" on them) from the same era are OK. Not sure what the deal is, but the older ones are safe when they can be found, but usually overpriced when they're sold from a US seller.

I wouldn't want to serve the market that LN serves. It would be like the posts on woodnet used to be (assuming it's still the same). They reset after a year and the discussions never progress into anything meaningful.

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