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Re: Chopping Dovetails and Spelching

On the one hand it is weird that a lot of knives, normally used to cut soft things like bread or meat, use a 45 degree included angle in the edge, while woodworking edges are finer. On the other hand, I would not pay much heed to LN if they are responding to people who pry so roughly they break modern A2 edges. There is no telling the monsters who use their tools. Reminds me of my LV story where they showed me a basket full of returned Iyoroi mortising chisels, every one of which had been snapped off. I've been using my set for 40 years.

I copied this chisel from Mac Hedley's shop (as see in some episode of the WWS). The angle of the tool is so low, say 5 degrees that in pine you can drive it right through with a tap from one side, and one from the other. No need to undercut from either side. Only works for thinner stock say 5/16 and down. But it is fun.

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