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david weaver
George mentioned that he doesn't like using the brazilian, either. It's fragile and often cracks, and I'm sure the age of the stuff that he was able to get doesn't help (60+ years old by now). Maple is his favorite wood for backs and sides, and I guess it goes well with the gibson guitar designs that aren't so bright and chimey like a rosewood martin.

Curiosity with the design is that I've never seen it done computer wise other than sketchup furniture plan type stuff (which I'd not be the user of, and often it looks gawky), or design items for manufacture. I've asked george for design elements (advice on lines, etc) but never an entire section of anything, and nothing in a while, but when I asked him what his method is for designing something (wondering if there was sort of a rule book) he said "I draw designs freehand until I'm satisfied with them" or something of that sort.

I'm sure software can help, but I'm not sure I get how that is more than design by legos. Maybe it allows people without the coordination to draw map what they want to see or make revisions more easily, but it seems like every good carver or good maker (who makes more than one thing) is able to draw well. I cannot draw well, but I'm definitely not motivated to use software to design anything, either.

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