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Actually don't like that guitar, but I am not the arbiter on such things. The head stock looks wrong to me (and possibly a little dangerous). It is funny that with all the drive on copyright how closely people rip off the Martin designs, so why bother with mixing and matching styles. Sitka is certainly a choice for SS guitars, but probably not the top choice of a prewar Martin guitar, which might be more red spruce territory. Making a really responsive, even fragile guitar on a D28 platform seems a little odd to me, but then it is also a look, and there is no combination of uses and shapes there isn't a customer for. Of course playability and tone are key, but probably people will buy anything Brazillian. The price says it all though.

It would be great to get some of his design experience out there. I thought about 20 years ago that people where going to take the next step and start designing they own stuff. There was a nexus of information and software, but I don't see that having happened really. Of course on old furniture the formal information exists, but I don't know anything about, and could use a little spoon feeding.

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