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david weaver
>> george <<

You, and me too. It's hard to even find much of his work floating around. I posted a link to one of his more plain guitar commissions last week. I guess it wasn't a commission, rather a trade.

George is still bursting with ideas, and he still gets a little shop time. I have not met anyone who has more stiff about work quality and design and with more depth about why.


It is common for guitar makers to depart from martin or gibson copies, but rare for them to look as good as that one without being at all gaudy.

It would be fantastic if he were to ever undertake a few more projects and let people tape him and talk with him about what standard he's working to and why. Just his design sense (and ability to communicate why something is or isn't good design) itself is something that would help a lot of budding woodworkers to stay out of the rut of "design doesn't matter that much, I don't have enough experience to worry about it yet".

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