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David Weaver
Derek - the detail and depth of your hand joinery work would draw a lot of viewers, and you'd need to do nothing other than video part of your actual work and then talk a little bit about why you do the things you do and more importantly, what standard of work you're looking for.

I like to watch pros work or very good amateurs because it gives me an idea of what I should expect for execution and speed.

Not to be too harsh, but youtube doesn't need more stealth marketing unskilled woodworkers who fail to mention free products and do things like build giant pole buildings and bandmills to demonstrate making picnic tables.

But, if you don't want to do it just because it ruins shop time, then no big deal. You're right about not for the faint of heart. Making unedited content sort of ensures a small group of people who are actually looking for the content, and you can ghost anyone who leaves a nasty comment - which happens less often than I'd have expected.

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