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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
David, I like your unedited video material. It is the unrehearsed that tells so much more. Last year I followed your lead and placed such a video (of building a curved drawer for the apothecary chest) on YouTube. I think that it has received 10 hits, mostly from my mother. Even I fell asleep watching it :) This format is only for the die hard.

I have not posted here much of late. I generally only post when I believe I have something to add. If another posts what I would have, I move on. It seems that others do the same. The downside is that there are fewer posts on the Hand Tool forum than on the Messages forum. It gets disheartening to post, say a build, and not receive any replies or discussion. That often happens in regard to practical topics, such as builds. It suggests that there are a lot of armchair woodworkers on the Hand Tool forum (who feel more comfortable with theoretical topics). The Messages (power) forum is always busy and informative in regards to technique.

Regards from Perth


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