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"I recall when I said I was going to delve into hobby making guitars, you sort of said something like "it really doesn't make sense to make them at this point - the market has figured out how to make them well and cheap". That is, of coenurse, true."

True and not, I suppose. I got rid of all my guitars at one point, to clear the decks for the next one. And then I asked myself what I wanted to make, and nothing has since come to mind. So guitarless, first my daughter, and later I needed a guitar. I got her a Fender version of a Martin. It cost around 100 Canadian, and at least out of the box it was as good as a 800 dollar guitar I bought before I took up making them myself. When I took lessons, as a kid, like 45 years ago. I got this classical guitar, plywood everything, nut and bridge were plastic, no compensation. A good player could make it sound OK, but just a hideous instrument by any standard. But that Fender had bone, it was well set up, and it sounds great. They must have come up with a hit list of things to improve and just sweated it with cheap labour.

Later I bought a strat off Amazon, 95 dollars, free delivery and returns. There are problems with that one, and some that could show up later. But it is still highly playable, and no doubt Jack White could make a million selling single using it. Fine for noodling. I would guess an hour or two parking in NYC cost the equivalent of 95 dollars Canadian, at this point. With electrics, getting all the parts is not free, even the very cheapest parts.


But if you have basic skills in woodworking (when presented with a shape you need to create, you just make it happen), then you can make a 4K acoustic in a week, with mostly the tools and wood on hand. It will be a whole lot better than an Amazon guitar, but it may not be apparent to most as to why.

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