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Re: Guitar are interesting

I got banned off guitar forums. Same with Bicycle frame forums, though I did eventually find a home. I find that those are hobbies where the main dream is to be a builder, no mater how horrible a living that is for most people who get there. And because the projects are expensive and relatively large, and the overhead is large, you really do need to think of how you will get rid of them. People want to do things the way pros do them, even when it makes no sense for an amateur. Bike building is possible on a small scale, but it is rather insanely expensive to gear up for as a pro. And has gotten a lot worse. Yet concrete ways of doing things on a reasonable scale get rejected with hostility, because were they accepted it would dash the dream. No problem, people want what they want.

They are also both crafts that require a lot of BS marketing. It is the case you can make a superior product and add a lot of value, but not measurable value. It is like a fine tailored suit. Jeans cover one's nakedness, and even have a style element that is comparable to the finest suit, if not in the same situation. But you don't have to apologize for the fact a suit can cost a fortune. Unfortunately with guitars and bikes, people have been lying about the products for so long, and they are so ill understood that you really aren't going to be able to sell them straight.

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