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"Still, it would be lovely if more experts would just set up a camera and do no editing (which in my mind is the difficult part that feels like work), just split out dead parts of the video - I guess that's some editing - and leave the decent stuff in. There are 10 well produced videos of crap for every 1 video of a professional working with little or no editing, and the latter is far more instructive."

Me too. Imagine if we had 100 hours of Krenov, Nakashima, Carpenter, etc... But from the beginning the folks who are all about production values were shaming people who didn't have professional production levels. I guess they were right, because over time the level is insanely high, and the content is ok also.

People watching this stuff mostly just want to be entertained; Directed to things they can purchase to be part of the lifestyle; and thirdly, maybe learn something. And in a distant last, actually develop the abilities. That is why you see people like Cosman, Sellers, and Mathias going to the personality blogs, you don't even have to come up with woodworking pretexts for the content. A lot of people dream of being Youtubers. My 12 year old tells me it is one of the stock answers to "what do you want to be when you grow up". So if you can just be seen to be living the life that will sustain the model.

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