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david weaver
I posted this a few weeks ago, you probably saw it and may have responded to it:


But, in talking about how guitars are actually made. I bought a guitar from this factory, new. Pau ferro sides and back, baked sitka top, good quality hardware, and a case. $550. New, at retail. Actually a good guitar, and as good as an original early 2000s D-28 that I had years ago (a little stronger and just as neatly made).

No real economic sense peeing upstream against that. And there are still comments "$550 is too much" when you discuss something like the above.

I recall when I said I was going to delve into hobby making guitars, you sort of said something like "it really doesn't make sense to make them at this point - the market has figured out how to make them well and cheap". That is, of course, true.

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