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david weaver
put a lot of content on youtube where I thought I had something unique to share, but never turned ads on (and figure the total take in views so far would've been about $600, so why bother making people sit through ads?).

My editing of videos was limited to splitting them, so they're slow and poorly made to say the least.

But it's a good (or was) content sharing medium because an hour spent recording something and uploading it may reach 5000 or in some cases 50,000 viewers and a lot of them are going to take the information and run with it.

I get a troll once in a while, but you can ghost them easily on there. the diction of some of the trolls tells me they are certain forum members I've had spats with before (and others are originals) - too chicken to spat with their real names. They're not really looking for a debate, anyway, they're just miserable - btdt on a bad day seeing a ridiculous youtube video and leaving comments like "with instruction like that, you're going to get someone killed" on a felling video.

Just like forums, the platform changes, and I guess youtube is going for advertiser safe highly produced stuff and kind of burying the rest. Even a low quality content provider like me - if you put up a video with a unique premise, in a year, there will be a couple copying what you said and repeating it.

Still, it would be lovely if more experts would just set up a camera and do no editing (which in my mind is the difficult part that feels like work), just split out dead parts of the video - I guess that's some editing - and leave the decent stuff in. There are 10 well produced videos of crap for every 1 video of a professional working with little or no editing, and the latter is far more instructive.

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