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where is everybody? ()

On Youtube probably.

I put up a lot of content on this site. Thousands of hours. And I hope it helped someone. Someone else putting that content effectively on youtube actually gets paid. And I revealed things here that are still not understood in the wider woodisphere. Mostly the dialectic is argumentative, when dealing with anything out of the mainstream, so it is a little unpleasant to do, if may be OK to read.

Eventually we got down to a granularity that seemed useless.

I have been active on other boards, and the drop off seems to be there also.

On the main page, you get 300 views on a big topic, most a lot less. I had crappy videos shot with me holding a camera with one hand, while sailing my boat with the other, that got 7000 views. And they essentially took less time to do for the whole process, than each of hundreds (I am sad to say, maybe 1000s) of posts I wrote and rewrote here.

I don't do Youtube myself. The standard is currently way higher than what Taunton press used to ask 40 dollars for back in the 80s. I just shot a few maybe 5-10 years ago.

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