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David Weaver
I can say from the few times I've posted things I've made, there just isn't much interest in things that are made, and people for the most part are done with arguments about sharpening stones, glue types and how much power tool use is acceptable.

I'm still making stuff at the same rate, but it's cabinets and guitars and not planes, and there's just no great reason to post much about it because it's not as germane to this forum as planes. Guitars, in my opinion, are really interesting to make in the same vein as tools - they're small, there's not much hassle in glue ups, and you don't have to figure out what you have room for (like cabinets or furniture) in the house. But there's so much out there on the internet (good stuff) about making guitars that it's not going to be interesting because other people on here aren't making them or (generally) using them.

I have to say the same thing on others' behalf. I've seen off and on, someone posts some interesting work, and either it's a two or three post response, or it's a two or three post response next to a 60 page fight about glue.

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