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Forging competition at TMS2019 annual meeting *PIC*

Chris Scholz
I had the distinct pleasure to attend the exhibit of the annual TMS2019 Meeting. TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, associated with the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers [AIME]) is the a place where researchers and and academics meet to exchange the latest and greatest around metals. Usually these kind of events are highly academic and far removed from any practical applications.

Not so this year! They are having a forging competition! The premise of the competition is that students use the knowledge in material science, heat treatment and analysis. With advice from academic faculty they are asked to forge a blade, heat treat and analyze the results and present their findings at the annual meeting.

The results are as diverse as the student population in today's Universities. Materials range from W-2 to CPM 3V. The common theme: forging a blade is really hard and takes a lot more time than expected.

Attached a snapshots of the sword that a team from the U of Utah produced using O1, 15n20 and Monel Mickel 200.

Interesting enough, some Universities dabbled with crygentic hardening but now was using A2 steel.

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Forging competition at TMS2019 annual meeting *PIC*
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