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david weaver
.. you can dicker on the aesthetics, but the function had better please whoever you're trying to please (even if you have a 50% stake in it).

I went with the soft close hinges but not drawers because:

* the hinge format never seems to change, and most importantly, my wife complained about hearing doors close in the cabinets. I grew up in a household with parents who were children of farmers. They could've used an anvil in the hall and I'd have slept through it, but my wife can hear ANYTHING anywhere in the house, and the madder she is at me, the more she can hear. So the soft close hinges have been a life saver.

* Years ago, I remember some of the soft close drawers not lasting that long, and I figured I just don't want to get in the cabinets to change them. I wanted drawers without guides, but the Mrs didn't agree so we went with BB drawer guides - or, I picked those for her.

It's interesting to watch people when you have self-closing door hinges. They always close, 100% of the time. If you slap the door shut, they just get closer to the close before they take over, but a real control freak will feel the need to push them all the way closed manually. I won't say who does that when they visit because it'll get me in trouble, but I have one OCD family member who just can't tolerate letting them close on their own.

They are the lazy man's friend, though - you can open the doors and flip them shut while you're walking away and they'll eventually close themselves without any noise.

(and my wife has a heavy hand, and though she doesn't follow them closed, she could really slam the old cabinet doors sometimes. Mine are solid panel and frame, and I really don't want to see if the folks in my house could manage to bash them off the wall eventually by slamming the relatively heavy doors).

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