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The squelch on guy projects is that they get carried away with something from the craft perspective, and the woman of the house (huge stereotype warning) is then stuck with something that is less usable, and to boot ends up having to say what a genius the maker was, over and over. I ran into this head on when working up a spinning wheel plan, and my contact in the spinning community said they all dread being the person whose husband wants to make the wheel, as what the woodworker thinks would be a cool project bears no comparison to what the spinner actually wants.

So stereotypes aside, whoever is going to need to open this thing a thousand times a week, should consider seriously the way they want that to work (as in this case you are). The state of the art at this point is probably the cushion self closing Blum door hinges, worth it just to deal with heavy handed users if. Something like a corner display cabinet and it can be a very different experience since it only gets opened occasionally. I think Krenov got that one right with knife hinges and his wooden catches, were nice feeling.

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