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Re: Opinions on magnetic closures

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
For the first time, I implemented something I'd seen in the magazines: I drilled holes in the edge of a hinged window screen on a casement (thus, pretty much a door) and in the mating edge of the casing, and epoxied some rare earth magnets into each hole - I'll get around to plugging the hole with a thin wood plug. Once I remembered to orient them correctly*, I love the effect. It's a soft but firm opening, and it self-closes as soon as the screen/door gets within a few inches of the casing. I had to stack several small-diameter magnets, from my hardware store, in each hole; three, as I recall, in each hole.

*My first attempt had the sets of magnets oriented to repel each other. Ooops.

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