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Re: Opinions on magnetic closures

John in NM
In various furniture/cabinet shops, I've installed the plastic body ones with some kind of spring/magnet catch I don't quite remember. They worked well, but were ugly.

One of those shops made a wood magnet holder that matched the wood of the cabinet. Really nice solution, but fussy to make.

I've used various configurations of rare earth magnet as well, in the little holders LV sells, just set in the wood, etc. I really like the trim look, but eventually they seem to come out. No epoxy I've found seems to hold them over the long term. Maybe the crazy 3 minute cure urethane I use for casting? That stuff seems to stick to everything you don't want it to stick to.

Our most recent kitchen came with spring hinges (no time to build that kitchen, had to buy it). I like the concept, but the soft close tends to stay just a little open for me - I think they're designed for slammers and I'm a naturally soft closer, not wanting to fix the door one day.

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