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French toast to chairs

Jack Guzman from Maine
Odd title. What I mean is,as I eat my breakfast, French toast with local maple syrup poured over it,I muse about the tree that is responsible. The sugar maple. This syrup comes from a sugar house down the road from me. These people tap the trees in this area for the sap and boil it down to get the delicious syrup I just ate. This same tree is my wood of choice for chair legs. Hard maple is a wood that allows for detailed turnings. It is very nice to work green. I have a piece of a trunk of this fine wood lying along side my house. I cut off sections from this trunk and rive out blanks to turn into legs.
Maples grow everywhere around here. A few years ago, the galvanized buckets hanging from taps would appear this time of year all over the trees lining the roads. Sugar houses have gotten more efficient. Instead of the buckets,we now see blue plastic hoses strung through the trees. Not as pretty if you ask me.
The maple is a good looking tree when in full leaf. It is also a tree we make good use of.
end of musing---back to work.

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